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Both of them 'left the rock' through different means, one on Monday, the other Thursday.

Aonline PDF formatted document, 2. This one takes a few listens, but its one of those currebcy that really grows on ya', its definitely one of my current rotation faves'. I would dearly love to witness the eventual implementation of a federal "Integrity In Marketing" framework, based in part on input from the NRC in cooperation with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Its simple; play one clip, then the other - which is closer to "high-fidelity"?

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Tading Effect of Country Music on Suicide! The audio-quality isn't exactly top-notch, but the way in which it leads off one track and onto another is pretty cool! More info' on the band here - track compliments of the band and Jag Jaguwar Records. More info' on Mark can be gleaned on his website. Some stores say more money means a better picture.

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They've just released Dolby Mobilepromising to "bring rich, vibrant surround sound to mobile tradinv. More information on the man can be found on his www site. A Recipe for Tape Restoration. What a shame that they are closing so early this year as conditions couldn't be better.

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Move on or get lost in the dust with audiofools who are still convinced that vinyl sounds better than digital audio and Amiga geeks who remain convinced that their archaic 'computers' are superior to what's available today. Some thoughts: I rode the living shit outta' Apex this winter, squeezed every bit of powder I could out of the old mountain - it was all good and I've no regrets! This is great, old-school, straight-ahead Rock N Roll - I dig it! If you're new to this site - enjoy, you'll not see this kind of integrity in publishing for, I fear, a long, long time because in this day and age; lies equals revenue.

Also to be submitted is a copy of the passport as proof of identity. Put together a kick-ass system in a properly designed room, spin a few absolutely classic LPs and invite folks in for a free audition!

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