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There are a total of 88 rounds of increasing difficulty, plus 13 bonus rounds which the player can play through. Multiple difficulty settings are available as well, with play at higher settings yielding higher scores.

Levels and stages The arrangement of the levels of Luxor 2 are similar to the arrangement of rounds in Zuma. Tumbpebugs are four levels in the first stage, five in the second, and six in the third. The order of levels repeats after every third stage, however, one stage is added in this repetition. For example, levels to are repeated as levels tobut level is added. Levels to are repeated as levels tobut level is added. This is also true for the other levels, except that for the 13th and 14th stage, with five additional levels in 13th stage and four in 14th stage before entering levelthe last level.

Scoring In general, points are awarded for each sphere destroyed.

The simple destruction of three spheres thus earns points, four spheresetc. However, if you arrange things such that you destroy three spheres which bring together three more spheres, the second set of spheres has a 2X multiplier. With cleverness, you can arrange things such that you have several chain reactions in a row with linearly increasing multipliers at every stage of the chain reaction. At the end of every round and at times during the round jewels, rings, and coins are freed.

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