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In the following screenshot, you can see how to start creating an MIC. Enter master inspection characteristic code to be created. Select the status as "Released" Select Complete copy model from the drop-down list as the MIC data needs to be maintained completely. Enter the Short text and search field as per your choice. Click the Control indicators button at the top to maintain other important data like lower and upper limits. You can define the range when material is accepted for production. This is to maintain the lower and upper limit data. Select Lower specification limit. Select upper specification limit.

How to Reverse (Cancel) Goods Receipt MMBE in SAP

Select sampling procedure to use sampling procedure. To save the master inspection Stodk, click the save button. An inspection method can be assigned to master inspection characteristics or directly to an inspection characteristics in an inspection plan. An Inspection method can be created in one plant and the same method can be used in other plants.

Quality Planning

Enter the short text of the inspection method and search field for searching for inspection methods. Enter qualigy method to be created. Enter the valid from the date that determines the inspection method valid date. You can define a sampling procedure as fixed sample, percentage or other sample. A sampling scheme contains collection of sampling plans. In sampling plan, you define the sample size specification for the inspection lot, to determine if a sample is accepted or not accepted. The image given below shows how to create a Sampling procedure. At the top, you have a Sample button. Click the Sample button to open a Sample attribute window. Enter the sample size and click the tick button.

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To save the quxlity procedure click the save button at the top. Qualitj the inspection of materials need to take place. What characteristics to be inspected, work center and inspection specifications. In the inspection plan, you have to define the sequence of inspection steps to be performed and the range of specifications as per the Master Inspection Characteristics, sampling procedure to calculate the sample size for inspection, inspection method, etc. Enter Plant code. Select the lot size as that allows an inspection plan to be valid for inspection lot quantity of Press the Operations button at the top to move to the next screen.

Enter the control key as QM01 to show a quality check.

Enter the Inspection method. Input sampling Procedure to determine the sample. Enter the lower and upper limits automatically and click the save button. Click the save button to save Inspection plan.

When there is continuous defect in the material supplied by a vendor, you can use Quality Info Records to block a vendor. When you create a purchase order, SAP system performs a check to find if a Quality Info Record is required and is available for combination of material and vendor. Quality information record has to be maintained when you use the source inspection functionality. This means a material has to undergo an inspection prior to reaching the plant for Goods Receipt. Under Quality Info Record, you can set that the inspection is required when it is procured from vendor A and is not required if you procure it from Vendor B.

Enter vendor code. Enter the Input the plant code. You can also enter Block function if you want to block this material to be ordered from this particular vendor. If you do not want to inspect material from this vendor, enter the inspection control as no inspection. With the Inspection Lot Completion component, you set the controls that: There are two ways by which the material goes to Quality.

One if QM is active i. The other is in Material master. There are two places, one in Purchasing view and the other in QM view. When we maintain QM for this material then it get subjected to Quality inspection. At Material Master record, in purchasing view, flag the indicator for "Post to inspection stock" which always subjects this material to QI.

For set up in Quality insection ,there is a check mark which says "post to Inspection stock ". Please check this indicator and the material will default to Quality during GR. This indicator is checked without going into Inspection setup.

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