Pdf south australia fair trading act 1987

The amount you want tradint claim; The name and address of the supplier if a company, you need the correct name and registered address, and if audtralia is a business, you will need the name of the owner and correct business name and address ; The date s of the dispute; and The reason you think you are owed money. Certain provisions possess different scope in their application: In addition to providing a wealth of information on consumer rights and tips on how to negotiate with businesses, CBS representatives are available to provide advice and, in certain circumstances, may be prepared to become involved in the negotiation process.

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Qustralia SA, the Tribunal does not deal with actt claims. Fair trading laws in your state or territory Consumer protection is governed by state and territory laws in the form of a Fair Trading Act in most cases. The court may grant permission for a lawyer to appear, in such cases where the other party is a lawyer, if both parties request a lawyer or if one party will be unfairly disadvantaged by not having a lawyer. See their website for information on business rights and responsibilities. To complete a Form 3 Claim form, you will need the following information: Go to the ACCC for information about federal competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws.


Northern Territory Find information on trader issues such as advertising, business tenancies, disposal of uncollected 11987 and actt safety. Victoria Forms and publications are available to assist businesses in giving the best deal in the marketplace. There are however, a range of statutory bodies which have also been established to deal with consumer claims in SA. In order for CBS to assist you, you will need to provide them with the following information: These remedies may include the following:

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