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How the winning places are distributed? The places are distributed based on number of trades in 1 week, during active contest time. What are the prizes for this contest?

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Other places are getting valuable prizes and bonuses. How do I sign up for the contest? All Raceoption traders are automatically signed up for contest. When will the competition be running? The contest starts every Sunday at Is there any trading limitations to qualify in the contest?

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All trades are counted, regardless trading result. CFD trading volume is not counted in trading contest. How will I know if I won a prize? You will be notified by email about your place and the prize you won. Also you can always check your rank in the leader board.

Prize fund - $20000

How can I get a prize I won? The easy answer: Trading contests are extremely popular right now, and because more people have access to online trading accounts than ever before, there is more of a demand for this now, too. This is why there are professional sports. This is why we watch cooking competitions on television.

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This is why reality TV shows like Survivor and others are so popular. Competitions bring out a different side of people, pushing them to be better than they were before. The same applies to our trading. We are driven to improve ourselves, and we are given a firm measure of where everyone else stands in comparison to us.

Online trading contests first took the form of promotional efforts to help promote stockbrokers. Everyone who signed up for the contest would automatically be enrolled in their newsletters, they would get promotional items from other companies, and stockbrokers that had any loose affiliations with the news company would start sending you advertising material about their services. This type of trading contest is still used today in various forms, but others have taken shape. With the rise in popularity of Forex and binary options tradingdifferent types of contests have emerged in these arenas, as well.

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