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With the right permission settings, you can also see corporate orders belonging julka other members of your corporation. This is what the line graphs are based on. Evernus - Intermediate - A customization, powerful market tool with options for market trading, industry, and other isk-making activities Pros - VERY powerful, can do almost anything you could want besides full automation.

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However, with every statione term investment you make, keep in mind that all the ISK you are turning into items, can no longer be used to invest in other opportunities until you sell these items off. If your corporation is at war as EVE University often isbe cautious vee trade hubs, as your enemies will often be lurking there, hoping to catch you hauling valuables unawares. Cons - Kinda shite, only useful for station trading and very under-powered. You will always want to have the Sellers and Buyers windows sorted by price. When setting up buy orders, adding all the items in which you chose to invest in to a separate folder in your quickbar will allow for quick checking and updating of your orders.

Whilst the average trader would keep their secrets to themselves, some information is available for all to see, as long as you know what to look for.

Flux Forge

In order to get an an idea of which stations see the most trade, you can have a look at the station rank list. The quantity is an interesting statistic as it translates into trade volume. Station Trader. Profit margin Likely the most important criteria for choosing an item is the profit margin. In order to easily check and update your orders, drag all the items you've invested in to the quickbar.

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