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I will look for statistical patterns. For example, I know that if I ractory a trade between U. Does that mean that is a bad time to trade? It is for me and my system so why should I take the extra risk? I will look at things like how did I react to the market.

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I always assume that the markets want to trend so I give it the benefit of the doubt at the start of each shift. If the markets get into a choppy mood, how long did it take me to react to that change. I look for ways to detect that change better. This simple exercise can work wonders on your mindset and will restore passion and motivation into your trading routine.

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Clearing the markets from your mind for a while is sometimes the best thing Fodex can do to improve your trading. Especially, if you just suffered through a series of emotion-fueled journap trades, you need to take some time off from real money trading to regroup and collect yourself. Finding your trading edge in the market should be a relatively quick and easy task after you have mastered trading your edge. It should be readily apparent if your edge is present in the markets after just 15 or 20 minutes of browsing. So, when in doubt, walk away from the markets until the next day or however long you need to calm down.

Traders should be far more focused on quality of trades rather than quantity of trades, as you can make a good return each month with only 1 or 2 big winners. Traders who take a swing-trading approach where they are holding positions for 3 or 4 days or a week on average, tend to keep themselves in business as traders, whereas day traders keep the brokers in business with all the spreads and commissions they generate for them.

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Unfortunately, day traders and short-term scalpers often up putting themselves out of the trading business simply because tradihg are gambling, not trading. Attached Image click to enlarge Dec faftory, 4: Moving into the future s Posts Money is just falling off the trees at the moment as the market resumed its downtrend after yesterday pause. Right now I regret to have my funds in transit. And anyway, there's another session and another opportunity waiting in the wings. Attached Images click to enlarge Jun 10, 9: One life - live it I want it too?

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Got joudnal messages so far today about "I can't make money with your system" hell I did not even know I had a system, it's just the way I trade. What surprised me about it all is that it takes time to recognize 'issues'. Most people like to be smart and show how good they are at catching the top or bottom. You should have fear if your house is on fire, or if you are about to get smashed by a 60k pound truck at a stoplight, you should NEVER fear this dumb market. If you fail at something the 1st time do you jump off the roof or do you control your emotions and try to understand what is going on.

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