Forex and treasury management

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With greater analyst scrutiny for example, FX was managemeht main topic that analysts wanted to discuss during the Apple quarterly results briefing despite the eye-watering results and growing competition globally however, treasurers and CFOs cannot be complacent about managing their FX risk. This is not surprising, given the high levels of volatility in both the FX and commodity markets, continuing international expansion resulting in exposure to a growing number of currencies, and geopolitical insecurity in many parts of the world. An emerging focus on FX risk Given the scale of the challenge, are treasurers focusing enough on this area?

In some cases, it appears that treasurers have paid more attention to liquidity risk over the past few years, with the exception of large multinational corporations and those with particularly large currency or commodity exposures. This is starting to change, however.

Corporate Treasury Management Foreign Exchange Management

This is also the experience we are seeing amongst our readers, and amongst the banks that support them. For Forfx and smaller corporations in particular, the issue is how to address FX risk efficiently, particularly given resourcing and technology constraints. As a result, clients want help in collating market information, and determining what to do with it. They are then seeking to design and implement a risk management strategy that makes sense for their business, and ensure the relevant controls are in place. Ultimately, the aim is to secure the underlying business but it is not always clear how this should translate into a hedging strategy.

The main objective of this course is to develop skill sets which would be required for making manxgement financial decisions in an international context. It analyses the international finance environment within which banks, other intermediaries and companies operate and how it affects their operations in treasury. Sound treasury management utilizes the right financial products and tools for minimizing risk. The course examines alternative strategies and techniques that can be employed to manage the risks associated with international business transactions and other treasury operations.

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It also provides an overview of the structure and key functions of the treasury. Interested aspirants can fill the registration form along with requisite and send before the last date of registration. READ Too: Learning Objectives of FXTM To have a contextual appreciation of the changes taking place in the global financial market, the issues facing the corporate financial manager, the development of academic theory and of practice in explaining and managing the financial risk which these changes bring. Understand and conquer the complexities of ForeX and treasury management.

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Be able to solve integrated and managemdnt treasury problem. Identify and evaluate exchange rate risks facing domestic and multinational companies. Apply and evaluate alternative methods for managing foreign exchange.

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